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STEMshoots – Strengthening our Community’s STEM Ecosystem.

By the time we figured out how to work the system our kids are big.  So, we are paying it forward by sharing what we’ve learned across three categories.  We’d love to hear what you find useful!

Strengthening Schools

Building Skills

Safe Routes to School

STEMshoots applies STEM to our Walk to School

Kids learn best when families are also involved and STEMshoots is here to help.  For example, we use STEM to make Safe Routes to Schools (SRTS) for our kids walking and biking.

  • Science – learn about the plants and animals you might see such as poison ivy and its natural remedy, jewel weed.
  • Technology –  plan your drop off or pick up at school using Google Maps layers.
  • Engineering – understand what was involved in enhancing AWR’s back path and other Safe Routes to School.
  • Math – the types of things we counted and measured to dramatically reduce morning drop off congestion with out spending money, especially at AWR

STEMshoots gives busy parents actionable steps to incorporate STEM in our families, schools and communities.

Our SRTS team awards:

In addition to the pages dedicated to the SRTS, STEMshoots will also include a blog helping parents to keep our kids excited about STEM.   It is an offshoot of New Providence STEM, a real world and Facebook group focused on New Providence, NJ.  After turning away many member requests from neighboring towns,  we’ve formed a second Facebook community, STEMshoots to share articles, ideas, classes and what works among a broader group.

Cecile Seth, Founder, STEMshoots.com

About me

My name is Cecile Seth.  I live in suburban New Providence, New Jersey with my husband and 3 teens since 2003.  I co-chair our Safe Routes To School team, co-lead our NP STEM Facebook group as well as bringing over a decade of community service and management consulting experience and an MBA.  Teaching my deaf son to speak has taught me a lot about how to work effectively with a school, and how to turn the every day into a learning opportunity.  My other gig is exploring the effect of lifestyle on metabolic health over at MetabolicMultiplier.org.

STEMshoots helps parents understand “the parent box” and use it to their advantage.

Join our discussion on Facebook or comment on the page below.  Other authors welcome!

New Providence High School mascot The Pioneer
About “The Pioneer”

Once we’ve collectively vetted the content and it is edging toward policy, the author for that page will be changed to The Pioneer, our town mascot, and perhaps added to our school district page.  Our Safe Route to School Team includes each of us!

Our Philosophy

We believes that STEM literacy, team work, communication skills and creativity are important to prepare our kids and their peers for tomorrow’s world.

We want our kids to be surrounded by a thriving local economy in which their peers and neighbors are also starting businesses, cultivating new competencies and hiring employees.  They create new jobs as fast as technical change obsoletes the routine, boring aspects of old jobs.  Our kids are comfortable with this constant change because they know how to learn and they adeptly consume small units of training to keep their skills current.

Continuing to strengthen STEM in our public schools is key to making this bright future a reality.  As parents we eagerly partner with teachers, administrators, Boards of Education, Town Councils, business leaders, non-profits and anyone else who can help us enhance our STEM Ecosystem.