Native plants in New Providence, NJ area

native plants of new providence
Spring ephemerals

Plant Databases – What to plant in my yard

New Jersey specific

Mid-Atlantic region

North America including New Jersey

There are two types of keystone plants:

Keystone plants are native plants critical to the food web and necessary for many wildlife species to complete their life cycle. Without keystone plants in the landscape, butterflies, native bees, and birds will not thrive. 96% of our terrestrial birds rely on insects supported by keystone plants.

Host plants that feed the young caterpillars of approximately 90% of butterflies and moths (Lepidoptera). – Plants that feed specialist bees who only eat pollen from specific plants. Keystone plants for native bees feed both specialist and generalist bees.

National Wildlife Federation

Helpful organizations & websites

About New Providence’s climate & ecosystem

New Jersey Butterflies

North American Butterfly Association (NABA) – NABA-North Jersey Butterfly Club has a lovely website which lists of NJ butterflies, sites & events.

Inspiration! near our region

Inspiration from other regions

Certification Programs

Design your own yard – leaders in the space to learn from, Courtesy of reddit readers

Matrix Gardening Overviews.

  • Popular book on technique is Prairie Up by Benjamin Vogt – Also his video channel, Monarch Gardens LLC. Vogt’s Garden Guides ($)
  • The Northeast Native Plant Primer by Uli Lorimer which covers 235 native plants
  • The Living Landscape and Garden Revolution by Doug Tallamy & Drake ” Lots of pictures and I use it for design inspiration. The geographic focus is more mid-Atlantic.”

Other books – My native plant design wish list

Deep dive for fellow nerds

Online Forums

Native species vs. cultivar

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