Safe routes to New Providence schools, recreation and work

Start with our interactive mapsTraffic jam near AWR before our maps

New Providence Interactive Maps show Safe Routes to School, parks, businesses and after school activities.

Several types of maps using layers over GoogleMaps that you can turn on and off. New Providence Safe Routes to School maps show DROP-n-GO‘s, Crossing Guards, Places to Park & Walk, Park & Wait.

Summary pages for each New Providence school

Overview of New Providence Borough

Use controls on top bar of each map to go to GoogleMaps

New Providence Landmark Map

Borough Landmarks include municipal facilities, businesses, churches, and banks.  A map of these are also a required element of our School Travel Plan.

Other useful Safe Routes to School links for New Providence

How many of New Providence schools’ 19 DROP-n-GO locations do you know?

To see them all, elementary school parents must login to their school’s NPSD (New Providence School District) website.

What was involved

From 2013 to 2018 we’ve made copious edits to New Providence in GoogleMaps including adding

  • Sidewalks (to the base maps and as a layer in the maps above),
  • Bicycle suitability of our roads
  • Landmarks not only to the interactive map layers above but also in GoogleMaps, placing businesses in the proper building, updating business names, and eliminating duplicates, etc.
  • Google limits each map to 10 layers and 2,000 points, hence the need to break them into topics
  • Special thanks to the SRTS team and especially the Borough’s Senior Intern, Jimmy Evangelisto, who alone made over 350 edits Spring of 2016.  Together we’ve made well over a thousand (1,000+) edits.
  • If you know a path, cut through, or other feature that should be added or changed, you can submit the change to GoogleMaps yourself.












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