In New Jersey, each county has magnet vocational technical schools available to the county’s high school aged children.  UCVTS, Union County Vocational Technical School, has one campus and school district that houses 5 four year academies (engineering, medical, informational technologies, performing arts, etc. ) and 2-3 year shared time programs.  The academies have won awards for academic excellence and students are chosen to attend based on grades and test results.  Sending school districts are responsible for transporting kids to and from their home high schools to the UCVTS campus.

No Music and Athletics at UCVTS

UCVTS does not offer instrumental music and athletic programs.  Interested students return to their local schools for marching band, orchestral ensembles and sports teams. In our experience, everyone works together to do what is best for the students.  Despite the occasional hiccup, the system works very well overall.

This May 2017 series gives you a good overview on N.J.’s hardest-to-get-into public high schools

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