Rolling your Bike / Scooter to School

Rolling your Bike / Scooter to School

Bikes on school grounds

  • Bike Racks are now located conveniently along all Routes of Travel as you approach school.
  • Please use the closest bike rack when you arrive.
  • AWR does NOT PERMIT RIDING of Bikes  / Scooters on SCHOOL GROUNDS.
  • At any other times bikes must be WALKED for the safety of others.
  • All Children MUST wear HELMETS – It’s the law
  • LOCK all bikes/scooters at bike racks to keep them safe
  • New Providence School District encourages students to bike to school.  Children younger than 3rd grade should be accompanied by a parent or older sibling.  After the 3rd grade Bike Rodeo children may ride unaccompanied.

Suggestions in weather

  • Beware of black ice in Spring when days are warm and nights below freezing.
  • Consider biking to after school activities with a car pick up at the end.
  • Regulars find walking or rolling is a great way to start their day and helps their concentration in school.    Walking & rolling habits formed in elementary continue into later years.
  • When wet, knobby texture on mountain bike type tires work better than road bike tires.  We learned the hard way that bald tires are dangerous! Check treads once a season.
  • While fenders limit the rain spray, water proof rain pants are very practical.  In case of sudden, unscheduled growth spurts carries rain pants in youth sizes all year.
  • We found a ski helmet and goggles are warmer than a bike helmet in winter




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