AWR Safety Committee

AWR Safety Committee

The AWR Safety Committee is a group of parents that have been working with school administration and borough police to find the safest and most effective ways to improve the drop off and pick up procedures for our school.

Safety #1

Your child’s safety is our number one priority at Allen W. Roberts. For this reason, certain rules and procedures are in affect when it comes to drop off and after school pick up. It is imperative that you read these procedures, understand them and follow them.

What’s New

A few changes have been made in terms of these procedures, so please read the following forms carefully and thoroughly.

The committee, with the help of former AWR & Salt Brook parents Cecile Seth and Donna Zane, would also like to introduce a new interactive personalized Google map of our school district. Click here for map.  Please click on colored features for specific instructions at each location.

Who to contact

At any time if you have questions, concerns, suggestions or would like to join the committee, please feel free to speak with the PTA, any of the members individually or reach out to them via the Gmail account:

We know pick up and drop off can be challenging but we hope with some of these changes and everyone’s cooperation we can make it safe, smooth and efficient for everyone involved. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Mrs. Gina Hansen, Principal

The AWR Safety Committee 2014-2016

Lisa Bergesio (PTA Liaison)
Debbie Bresalier (SRTS Liaison)
Cathy Killian
Amy Lepre
Ilyse Rogozenski
Anne Rosato


Cecile Seth

Trying to make our world better. Mom to 3. Recovering Management Consultant. MBA. Founder.